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Delivery of a Child Restraint Program in 12 Aboriginal Communities in NSW: Elements for a Detailed Process Evaluation

Porykali, B., Hunter, K, Ralph, M, Keay, L, Clapham, K, Brown, J, Bilston, L, Simpson, J, Ivers, R

Road Safety in Aboriginal Communities

ARSC conference 2017

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are over-represented in road related deaths and serious injury. Buckle-Up Safely was a community-based pragmatic trial of a multifaceted program promoting correct use of age-appropriate restraints for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged 0-7 years in New South Wales. In a culturally respectful way the program was deliverered in partnership with 12 Aboriginal communities. We assessed program dosage and fidelity and show while message content and resources were consistent, the program delivery varied across the sites. Core program elements will be incorporated into assessing the impact of the program on optimal restraint use.