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Response-Inhibition Training: A New Horizon for Young Driver Training?

Hatfield, J, Williamson, A, Kehoe, E., Lemon, J., Prabhakharan, P, Arguel, A.

Young Drivers 1

ARSC conference 2017

Impulsiveness contributes to young drivers' risky driving. Three studies tested whether response-inhibition training reduced young drivers' risky simulated driving. Study 1 participants completed 600 or 1200 Go/No-go trials. Performance worsened with training, and test drive speeding increased (relative to controls). Study 2 participants completed 2200 trials of driving-relevant Go/No-go, SSRT and Collision Detection tasks over five days. Study 3 participants completed 1800 Go/No-go and SSRT enhanced-feedback trials over 10 days. Task performance improved in both studies. Risky driving reduced slightly in Study 3. Any effect of response-inhibition training on simulated driving is likely to be small and difficult to achieve.