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Which Objective Visual Measures Are Associated with Driving Exposure Among Older Drivers With Bilateral Cataract?

Agramunt, S., Meuleners, L, Chow, K, Ng, J., Morlet, N., Raja, V., Keay, L, Young, M.

Older Drivers

ARSC conference 2017

This cross-sectional study analyses the association between objective visual measures and naturalistic driving behaviour in older drivers with bilateral cataract. Participants completed a questionnaire and underwent testing for visual acuity, contrast sensitivity and stereopsis. Naturalistic driving behaviour was measured with an in-vehicle monitoring device. General linear models were used to analyse the association between visual measures and overall/day time/night time driving exposure. After controlling for potential confounding factors, only binocular contrast sensitivity, gender and age were significantly associated with overall and day time driving exposure. No objective measures of vision were significantly associated with night time driving exposure.