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Reducing On-Road Risks for Young Drivers, Before Licensure and Beyond: Situation Awareness Fast Tracking Including Identifying Escape Routes (SAFER)

Scott-Parker, B, Wilks, L., Huang, B.

School Safety and Young Driver Education

ARSC conference 2017

Around the world, young drivers remain at greatest risk of being injured in a car crash during the earliest period of independent driving. To accelerate driving skill acquisition and thus to reduce car crash risk, Situation Awareness Fast Tracking including identifying Escape Routes (SAFER), is a pre-Learner intervention for parents to teach situation awareness skills (SAS) and escape route skills (ERS) to their teen even before they are licensed, and to continue this teaching style throughout the learner phase. SAS and ERS of 60 parent-teen dyads randomly assigned to intervention or control is currently being analysed and will be reported.