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Applying Cluster Analysis to Validate a High Risk Young Driver Model: Implications for Tailored Road Safety Intervention

Scott-Parker, B, Stokes, L., Gardner, S., Cawkwell, M., Wilson, M., Panoho, S., Klump, S.

Young Drivers 1

ARSC conference 2017

This project explored the feasibility and efficacy of a model that could be used to identify high risk young drivers (HRYD). The present findings pertain to the final stage, which was to assess the predictive ability of the HRYD model. The two-step cluster analysis method was employed with de-identified Police records of 2,973 Sunshine Coast residents aged 17-24 years. The four clusters in the final solution aligned relatively consistently with the HRYD clusters developed during the earlier phases (literature review, focus groups) of this pioneering project. The HRYD model can be used to guide intervention targeting high risk youth behaviour.