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The Transport for New South Wales FleetCAT (Fleet Collision Avoidance Technology) Trial: Drivers Attitudes to the Technology

Thompson, J, Baldock, M, Raftery, S, Mackenzie, J, Wall, J, Iwanski, K (Peer reviewed)


ARSC conference 2016

In 2015, Transport for New South Wales undertook a trial of collision avoidance technology in a fleet of 34 vehicles across three government departments for a period of seven months. The technology assessed was the Mobileye 560 CAT system, which provides Headway Monitoring, Forward Collision, Lane Departure and Pedestrian Collision Warnings using both audio and visual alerts. As part of the trial, drivers using vehicles fitted with the system were invited to complete an on-line questionnaire about their experiences with, and attitude to, the system. One hundred and twenty two drivers completed the questionnaire (out of the total 199 individuals who drove the vehicles). In general, the surveyed drivers recognised that the system could improve safety but most did not wish to use the system in future themselves as they found it distracting and felt that it would not prevent them from having a crash.