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Working together for a safe system: progress of the resources developed for WA Local Governments.

Wernham, R, Russell-Weisz, L, Horsley, S

Strategy & Policy

ACRS conference 2012

The Western Australian Local Government Association established the Local Government Safe System Project (LGSSP) in May 2009. The project goal is to increase the uptake of safe system principles by Local Government, in a shared responsibility approach, for the implementation of Towards Zero: Western Australia’s road safety strategy 2008-2020. Phase one of the project focused on raising awareness and understanding of the safe system approach among Local Governments; clarifying the current level of capacity of Local Governments to adopt a safe system approach; and identifying the barriers and opportunities for Local Governments to move towards this approach. The first phase provided a clear picture of a Local Government sector that understands the importance of road safety and their role in preventing crashes. However, additional support was recognised by the sector for the move into adoption and implementation of a safe system. Therefore, phase two has concentrated on the adoption and implementation of a safe system approach into Local Government strategies and operations. Phase two provided relevant support and resources to Local Governments to enable the progression towards a safe system. Based on Local Government requests, three key safe system implementation resources have been developed.