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An Information and Media Strategy for Older Road Users in the ACT.

Anderson, R, Clark, R

Old Road Users

ACRS conference 2009

The ACT Council on the Ageing commissioned the development of a seniors’ information and media strategy, to provide a framework to deliver key road safety messages to a rapidly growing risk group and their support network, over the coming years.

The Seniors Moving Safely strategy report addresses the key ideas and messages to be disseminated; target audiences; effective message delivery; and availability and adaption of current ACT and interstate materials. It outlines both strategic and specific messages to be delivered and suggests effective means of communicating with older road users and their support networks.

A program of topics, information/media delivery options, timing and estimated costs is suggested for the first two years, with an evaluation prior to setting the next three year program.

The work sought to segment the target audience rather than treat it as monolithic; to create a program targeted to a single city or region rather than be multi-regional as most state or national programs must be; and to link the strategic and tactical levels of road safety program development.

The strategy seeks to create behavioural change not only in seniors, but in all road users, so the new practices and attitudes become part of ACT driving culture.