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Improving the safety of kiss and drop zones at schools: The Stay Safe Rangers at Balgowlah Heights Public School.

Paine, M, Henderson, K, Faulks, I


ACRS conference 2007

Stay Safe Rangers is a school-based initiative developed by Kathryn Henderson, a parent at Balgowlah Heights Public School. This is a government-operated primary school in northern Sydney.

The Stay Safe Rangers concept was developed by Ms Henderson in 2005. Planning for the project was undertaken during 2006, including a review by the New South Wales Department of Education and Training and development of a risk assessment plan. A trial scheme commenced at Balgowlah Heights Public School in the first term of 2007.

The objectives of the initiative are:

• To improve “kiss and drop” zone safety for children in Primary Schools, particularly at home time

• To modify and improve driver behaviour in the vicinity of the school

• To streamline traffic flow and improve local amenity

• Integrated with the current Primary School Leadership Curriculum, to allow senior Primary School Students to observe and make recommendations on their findings, relating to road safety for themselves and their younger peers

• To provide a forum at which these School Leaders can discuss issues and broadcast their findings and recommendations in the School Newsletter and through other appropriate channels.

• To prepare years 5 and 6 students for further road safety education such as the young drivers programs offered in High School

This article is based on a review, conducted in May 2007, after some nine weeks of operation of the trial scheme. The review was commissioned and funded by NRMA Motoring & Services.