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Keys2drive – Helping learner drivers become safer drivers.

Hanlon, S, Smith, G

Novice Driver Programs


Getting a driver’s licence is an exciting time for most young Australians. The freedom to drive gives them independence, providing new opportunities for work, study and socialising. In many ways, it is an important step on the journey from a teenager to adulthood.

But many, AAA among them, believe that the elevated crash rate of young drivers means this freedom comes at too high a cost. We believe more should be done to help significantly reduce the crash risk for young people without negating their ability to travel.

AAA is developing a program – Keys2drive – which is designed to help Learner drivers get more real-world, on-road supervised driving experience before they go solo. Keys2drive would also give supervising drivers, who are often the Learner’s parents, a chance to brush up on their own skills.