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Integrated Booster Seats: Crash Protection, Ease of Use and Child Induced Errors in Use

Brown, J., Fong, C., Albanese, B., Lai, A., Dal Nevo, R., Suratno, B., Leavy, D., Bilston, L.

Child Restraints

ARSC conference 2017

Integrated boosters are approved restraints and have potential to provide superior performance than add-on boosters. However no comparative data is available. This paper presents a program of work examining comparative crash protection, ease of use and likelihood of misuse between integrated and add-on boosters. The results reveal few differences in crash protection. However, good side impact protection in the integrated booster requires the presence of a side curtain, and better lateral support for non-struck side occupants. The integrated booster was easier for parents to install but did not demonstrate any benefit in reducing child induced misuse.